Manufacturer of vacuum pumps with their hands

Air pump is a pump, forming a vacuum chamber. It has a tremendous force of suction and is created by pumping air or other substances from a closed container. Why the need for a device, which are the principles of operation, types and characteristics, how to build a device with his own hands, — all these questions need to be explored.

What instruments are used and where

vacuum pump

In the modern world people are very common with vacuum in the daily life. These devices are used in the braking of vehicles and air conditioning systems. There is a device to pump the air out of packages of food or bulky items.

Facilities are used in different industries:

  • Textile;
  • The food;
  • Pharmacological;
  • The medicine;
  • Oil and gas;
  • Chemistry;
  • Electrical;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Agriculture;
  • Construction.

There are even pumps for men and women, to improve the flow of blood in the different organs. Vacuum devices are used almost everywhere, so its design is different. The main types of this kind of devices are very varied. Liquid ring developed before all the others and is used today.

For this device need a constant supply of fluids and electricity.

The vacuum in the chamber formed by the rotating mechanism is submerged in the liquid. Rotary vane — the most popular in the production. It is used for small, closed systems. Rotary vane pump mainly consists of 2 cameras. During operation of the rotor of the air of a module is transferred to the other. These pumps are of 2 types, oil and oil.

The creation of a manual of the device from a syringe

This manual mini-pump is very affordable, and you will easily pick up any man.

To make the device from a syringe, you need to prepare:

  • Hospital syringe, preferably more;
  • Tee;
  • A tube of the same diameter as the tee and a syringe;
  • 2 check valve.

First, flexible plastic tube is cut in 3 parts and connects to the tee. For a tube, attach the syringe and in the other two – aquarium valves.

You can use aquarium valves of the same diameter as the tube.

A valve inserted into the air intake and the other on the subject. The movement of the plunger of the syringe to the container of the air is pumped out. It is also possible to pour water from a vessel in the second.

The fixation of the motor of the pump

Home own bomb at home-current automotive or Bicycle pump. The work consists of 4 steps in a row. That is to say:

  1. Disassemble the device and remove the cuff.
  2. The cuff is turned upside down and screwed back in.
  3. The pumping tube is mounted a control valve.
  4. In the end of the valve to bring a tube or hose material durable.

The essence of the alteration is that it changes the direction of the race: if you press on the handle decreases the volume of the chamber, and the air escapes through the opposite cuff.

When lifting the arm chamber to create a vacuum.

This homemade device can be useful at home, for example, when the air intake cases for the storage of pillows and bulky things without the help of a vacuum cleaner.

From different compressors

For pumping of large volumes can produce pump with electric drive. It is impossible to pump out of the tank that contains liquid, otherwise, the water vapor quickly bring the device. In order that the compressor is not broken, the system adds the material to dehumidify the air.

The manufacturer of the pump to the compressor is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Remove the filter in the compressor.
  2. At the entrance of the compressor is connected to a tube to suck the air.
  3. Turn on the device itself.

The pump with your hands can create with a broken refrigerator or air conditioning. The manufacturing procedure is simple and takes place in several stages. A saw cut top. Removed the motor from the housing. To copper pipe to wear special hose and connected to a small container.

The top of the compressor is replaced by a new, smaller diameter. The head can be done with the help of a soldering iron of brass foil. The linoleum is wrapped with thermal insulation.

The pump is equipped with a tubular level gauge for monitoring the oil level (can be the housing of a pen). For the suction assembly attached to the air filter, you can use the car. Between the assembly and the filter mounted the system reset excess pressure. Included in the network.

How to make a vacuum pump

how to increase the member

Liquid ring vacuum pump creates a powerful vacuum, and is widely used for agricultural machinery. The work is due to the immersion of the rotating mechanism in a liquid.

Modification of the aquarium compressor is not difficult, the design is a bit modified:

  1. With a screwdriver, unscrew the mount from the body.
  2. Versed node, and disassembled non-return valves.
  3. The valves are interchanged, and the device going back.
  4. Pipe is connected to the vacuum region. To remove the moisture from the housing is done with a small hole.
  5. Sets the system gas outlet of the tube is the proper size.

The Assembly of the pump takes place in several stages. Inside of a round drum placed blade mechanism. Is set so as not to come into contact with the body. The drum is partially filled with water.

Propeller with motor begins to rotate, and the liquid under the action of centrifugal force, fills the pump.

The flow of water occurs from the pipe or tank. Puller removes the bearing. For use in the plate inserted fork. When the tightening of the nut is, the pressing plate to the axle.

The nuances of the performance of the pump with your hands

The main advantages of the membranes of the piston of the pump is in its universality and the absence of noise. The vacuum is forced under the influence of the piston. In Cam-driven devices, the vacuum is created by 2 main parts of the mechanism — "jaws", the rotation relative to each other.

These pumps do not need to lubricate, which have a low yield and require replacement parts.

Vacuum pumps can be done independently with the help of medical syringe, auto or pump, a compressor the electric, the compressor of a refrigerator compressor of the aquarium. To select a specific option, to begin to determine where and why it will be used.

The pump is made up of several separate parts:

  1. Plastic bulb with sealing cuff, which is added to the stock.
  2. Mechanism that will create vacuum by pumping air.
  3. The rubber tube connecting the pump with the bulb.

The stem is inserted within the light, the air is empty and a vacuum is created. This leads to enhanced care of the air. To run pressed air valve is open, or the hole covered with your finger.

The store has options of different configurations of pump. But this type of pump, you can easily make your own from scrap materials. Gets the light bulb of the desired size (you can make the paste syringe or a plastic bottle), 2 punch holes. For a hole with a silicone or glue joins on the pipe (silicone, rubber or a dropper). In the second hole of the sealing cuff is attached that provides integrity and not allowing hurt. With the help of a gasket transition tube connected to the pump.

If you want to use the vacuum pump can save a lot of money, collecting a unit of their own. However, its creation will take a lot of time and effort. For the manufacture of the device with the hands is sometimes enough to take advantage of the already existing source material. What type will be selected, directly depend on the complexity of the works and the forms of use of the instrument.