Experience in the use of Macho Man

The story of a new relationship, to establish that he was Macho Mansaid Igor from Moscow.

MachoMen helped to cope with the consequences of the disease

Well, it's time to tell my story. I've never been special. A child normal, normal teenager, an ordinary student and an ordinary man. Special Talents differed. He lived, as also all chose a female mouse gray, had a baby, everything was fine. But on the anniversary of 40 years everything has changed.

Correctly say the gray in his beard lusty. I have always been convinced that no love exists, this is all the sense and romantic nonsense. The wife and I chose because it was a faithful, caring, keeping house. Managed to buy a flat, have a baby. She never commanded, but to sit on the neck, is not allowed. He lived quietly. And then I met her. Many in 40 starts Dating 18-year-old girl, and she had the same age, but what! Well-groomed, elegant woman who looks 30, a sharp mind, excellent manners, brilliant sense of humour. And the widow. I'm lost.

The first attempts of conquest

Margo – his name is Margarita directly on Bulgakov – the ordinary men never interested. As I found out later, her husband was an artist, painted in a very interesting manner. He writes prose (satire) and poems. We met by chance, a friend called for some short discourse, where he read his poems. When he began to read, I realized that I wanted her right there in the middle of the room, to the chair in which she sits, Smoking a cigarette on the mouthpiece. After the readings all had a drink and I don't remember how, but we ended up in the same bed.

In the morning Margo looked at me with umeshu and he told me it was good for twenty years. And at 40, you need more skills. However, he said, almost all men think that it is enough to get the stick of his pants, and all the rest of it becomes in itself. I don't remember, red or white, but escaped to run. And then I realized – you can't do without it.

As I was looking for the way to happiness with Macho Man

When I once again woke up from a nightmare where she says that we can make it better, I realized that something had to change. Basically, I'm a man beautiful, not a sex symbol, but it is not a freak. I could seduce it? I decided that the sex. And go to the doctor.

Yes, this is just so drastic: just go to the doctor. Problems that must be resolved. A sexologist told me that need to be checked, healthy, and explained that the 20-30 that I have is not enough. I was in a state of shock, my wife has always from the government. The doctor advised me to buy a stimulant, some natural.

I started to look for something for this purpose to the purchase or order. He immediately decided: there is no chemistry, because I'm healthy. Stopped Macho Man and another pair funds. Satisfied with the price and the composition. The spray worked perfectly. I started to read books about sex...

Runaway success and a new happiness

When I get to see Margo again, she was surprised, however, praised. Says, not every man after escaping is returned. And I said to her that she was my goddess. She didn't argue, but was not allowed. Made the appointment through the day. I carefully prepared.

The day that I get to it. macho man to work without problems, And it was almost three hours. It was the best sex of my life (at the time) and, you know, she liked it. Not for nothing was ready! It is, of course, a little caustically say that the theory is not practice, but then offered to find us again. You said, with care.

Finally ended up with Margaux and Macho Man?

I went to see her many more times. A couple of times I've tried without Macho Man for love of her, but she told me something wrong, so I quickly ran to the bathroom, I applied the spray and went to the second round. There is more risk, the more that I said to her, now pay spray, this is even more cool!

In the beginning we were just good sex, but I was fascinated. We started going together to exhibitions, reading her poems and so on. My wife and I divorced almost immediately. The child left the school, we did together did not hold. I said to her in parting, she gave a jar Macho Manonce I decided to ask myself. Give, say, your new home, you can also have good sex.

Margaux have always had all just gorgeous. Experienced and sexy, she taught me that I should have read 19-20 years old, but she didn't, because the sex almost were not engaged. Since get heavenly pleasure to both. She also knows how to deliver it, and thanks Macho Man I have enough for a couple of visits. And is 40 with a tail!

I have all elegantly came out, so, guys, don't be afraid. Enjoy the games, enjoy Macho Man (the price of the spray is ridiculous in comparison with the result of a happy relationship). If there is not enough hard, go to the doctors and talking with his wife. I am getting married for the second time!